Parts of Qualitative Research - 2021 Guide


As a student, I have been into writing essays and research papers. When you are from the field of social sciences you mostly get to conduct qualitative research. Although people do conduct quantitative research in social sciences, qualitative research is the most common write essay for me and the most widely used.




I liked to conduct research as a student but I had issues with methodology and components that were to be followed. I often got help from my well-informed friends and teachers in order to help me write my essay. I used to write research essays usually that I liked but I occasionally wrote research papers as well.



Like Quantitative research, you are not required to do statistical analysis in qualitative research to record your write my essay for me readings in numerical terms. As the name denotes you are required to deal with ideas and opinions and record your observation and results in descriptive and normative forms. But the basic parts of both the qualitative and quantitative research remain the same which are as follows:




The most important part of any written work is the introduction to your topic and your work. This is your chance of leaving a good impression on the mind of your reader. Depending on the length of your work your introduction is usually ten to twenty percent of your total word count. You introduce your main idea in the paper writing service form of a thesis in your introduction and also guide the reader to various sub-sections of your work.



Literature Review

Since you are not experimenting in a lab, you are required to review vast literature to develop a deeper understanding of your topic and take observations that would support your hypothesis. Specific to qualitative research is historical-comparative research and field research. In Qualitative Research methodology field research is usually related to the case study. For instance, a person working on Slums not only reviews the literature on the topic but also visits such areas to gather first-hand knowledge.


In historical-comparative research within Qualitative methodology, you compare the findings of various authors. You take observations from various primary and secondary sources which include the original documents and secondary work done on those original texts.



Surveys and Interviews

If you are working on a topic that has very limited or no literature available on it then you are required to conduct interviews and surveys as part of your fieldwork. Both these tools require you to prepare a set of questions that you will be asking from the respondents. This is where your research differs from quantitative research. If you record the result of your interviews using mathematical tools and analysis then your research becomes quantitative but usually, the results of social surveys and write my essay interviews are represented in descriptive and qualitative terms.


Analysis and recording the result

After you have gathered data from literature and the field to strengthen your hypothesis you will have to analyze your work. As a good researcher, you are required to analyze without letting your personal opinions influence you. You analyze the collected information and then you record the results that lead you to the concluding sections of your work.



Many people find it difficult to conduct research and write research papers because they are unfamiliar with the components of research. Such people are tempted to resort to sources that help you buy essay online. As a person who has struggled to conduct research and learned to conduct it well, I would suggest that getting to know research methods and components of research help you conduct good research.



This quick guide introduces you to the basic parts of qualitative research. It might not be a solution to all problems that you face while essay writer conducting research but knowing the parts help you include the important details in your work. This would significantly improve the quality of your research work.


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